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Quotes "I have been training with Jeff for 6 years now and what separates him from other trainers, other than his mad skills--not only in fitness, nutrition and anatomy--but how much he genuinely cares about his clients. Over the past 6 years, Jeff has been my trainer and my friend and has cheered me on in my fitness achievements like he was a member of my family! Jeff has seen me through the evolution of my fitness goals using his tools, his knowledge, and, most importantly, his unending understanding and support both physically and emotionally. He is an excellent trainer and an excellent person!" Quotes
Paul B.

Quotes I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks to you, Jeff, on my personal fitness training experience. Recently, I have lost 20 pounds, 8% bodyfat, and several inches all over my body. I went clothes shopping recently and happily realized that I had gone down 4 dress sizes. You put me on a great program that suited me perfectly. You made sure I learned how to do the exercises safely and effectively. You helped me enjoy my training sessions as well as gain maximum benefit for my body. You are extremely knowledgeable and ultra- qualified. I recommend Jeff Howe for everyone. Thank you again for a very positive experience. Quotes
Beth W.

Quotes In 2002, I was diagnosed with chronic ulcerative colitis after having gone through an extremely stressful time in my life. I lost over 20 pounds of healthy weight and was rapidly losing more with the disease severely debilitating my immune system. When I told Jeff Howe my story, he decided to help me naturopathically. Jeff has had 30 years of experience in this field along with expert knowledge in nutrition and physical training. Within a few short months my body began absorbing calories and I stopped bleeding internally. My muscles were beginning to show strength. I never lost faith or trust in Jeff....he never lost hope. I am now back to my healthy weight and have been in complete remission since 2007. My eternal thanks to a man that was so highly dedicated and determined to make my body healthy again. Quotes
Dina L.
New York Personal Fitness Trainer

Quotes "I have been training with Jeff for over 5 years and have been working out for 45 years. I had never worked with any trainer prior to Jeff and always assumed I generally knew what I was doing. I was wrong-Jeff has elevated my level of fitness, worked around the various phsyical issues that naturally arise as one ages, and educated me tremendously in the areas of nutrition and natural supplements. Jeff is extraordinarily knowledgeable, competent and caring and has added much to my quality of life through the benefits of being in shape. Equally importantly, he has managed to gently manage my training around my ego!" Quotes
Mike C.

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